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Direction: Bagel & Balloon, Theatre du Poulet

Production Manager: Jessica Lewis

Collaborator / Puppeteer: Ella McDonald

Composer / Sound Design: Jackson Fairfax-Perry

Dramaturg: Franziska Glen

Videographer / Video Design: Christian Ludwig Hansen

Pixel Artist: Tanner Murphy

Digital Marketing: Emma James


  • A CCA and Arts Nova Scotia funded pilot project supporting artists in Canada!

  • A dance marathon at the end of the universe being broadcast to your browser!

  • An interactive website where visitors can support dance teams, vote on universal matters, and talk with up to 100 other audience members!

  • A series of puppetry videos delivered daily, which respond to the actions of the audience on the website!

  • A durational experience that you can tune into for 20-30 mins a day across a week!

  • An exploration of “What do we want to bring forward when everything ends?”

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