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By Chun Shing Au (Roland) & Carmen Lee


Directed By : Chun Shing Au (Roland)

Featuring : Chun Shing Au (Roland) , Dennis Lau , Ng King Lung 

Producer / Production & Stage Managed By : Carmen Lee 

Music Director : ClarkSon Woo 

Live Musician : ClarkSon Woo , Ng King Lung 

Set Designer : Yue Fung Kit 

Sound Designer : Fung Chin Lung 

Lighting Designer : Kelvin Woo 

Graphic Designer:Ng King Lung 


We upcycled 170 pallets building up the auditorium and setting.

We upcycled rubbish building up all the puppets.

We upcycled used cooking oil from restaurants to make household cleaning soup for audience as a gift and also as a ticket.

This is a play in spoken drama, physical and puppetry theatre which tells you 5 true inspiring stories from 5 people we met in our travels in Ireland and Canada.

Trailer - Home.Sick

Trailer - Home.Sick


This is perhaps is the new route for the Hong Kong devising theatre.

It sincerely captured the attention and imagination of the audience. The ambience has awakened the nature and the old memory of ours.

Simple stage effect but hilarious. Making a great contrast with the subtext behind!

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