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<<Long Distance Relationships for Mythical Times>>


Direction and Dramaturgy: Theatre du Poulet, 2b, and Nightswimming

Production: 2b theatre company

Writer, Performer, Sound Design: Gloria Mok

Sound Design: Martin Nishikawa

Production Management: Billy Wolf and Patricia Vinluan

Join Gloria Mok as she weaves together a personal story about long-distance relationships and  immigration, with an ancient Chinese astrological folktale about forbidden love. Utilizing food, simple objects, and conversational Cantonese, a dinner table for a small group transforms into a liminal space that explores the challenges and triumphs of seeking love and connection at a distance.

Gloria last explored aspects of this performance at SummerWorks 2021 as part of the Artists at Work series. The project is proudly part of 2b theatre’s Great Little Works series: intimate performances based on humanity’s greatest works of theatre and literature, each brought to life by one performer at a table. These shows are uniquely designed for this moment; shows built for small audiences, safely performable during a pandemic, producing minimal ecological impact, and maximal emotional and spiritual value.

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