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<<Prague Quadrennial 2019, Czech Republic  - 12557 km>>


Created by Chun Shing Au (Roland) & Carmen Lee

"自願流落遠方找一塊地可親吻也好過愚昧到 留在絕情地方等”

" If we must stay in a place where our wish is not requited, we'd rather move on to a place where we could voluntarily kiss."


The design concept is about the unique immigration experience of Hong Kong families. Many of these families chose to leave Hong Kong to escape the suppression of freedom and democracy.

The design will feature part of Hong Kong’s cityscape blending into Canada’s skyline. The materials used in this project is recycled cardboard material: a symbol for the grassroots living in Hong Kong, because many struggling seniors in Hong Kong collect used cardboards to sustain their living. This is actually a serious problem in Hong Kong.

We hope to use these same cardboard materials to showcase a city built on these seniors’ dreams of sending their younger generation to a land of freedom and safety: Canada.

Our design uses a pop-up card engineering concept to reveal a 3D constructed scenography that features both Hong Kong and Nova Scotia’s skyline. The design will be viewable from multiple angles and will also highlight some unique stories of Hong Kong families who have immigrated to Canada.

As immigrants to Canada, it is our honour to be selected to present immigrant experiences from my hometown to more Canadians and the international world through our art.

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