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<< Radio Play - The Extinction of Hong Kongers >>

Created by Chun Shing Au (Roland) & Carmen Lee

Directed by Chun Shing Au (Roland)
The original play was produced by Carmen Lee for the DaPoPo Live-In Theatre Festival in Halifax in 2017.
Featuring : Chun Shing Au (Roland) / Santayana Li / Ross Unger / Anna Meadowside
Music by Ross Unger & Anna Meadowside
Recorded and mixed for radio by Harrison Brookes
Additional Recording by Bo Wing
Nothing to See Here is produced by David Clark at NSCAD University in Halifax.

In 2017, 20 years after the UK handed sovereignty of Hong Kong over to to China, “One country, two systems”, exists only in name. In a long-lasting see-saw battle between Hong Kong's pan-democrats, and communist China, Hong Kong's local culture is being slowly eroded day by day. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Halifax-based theatre company Theatre du Poluet tells the story of the extinction of Hong Kongers.

​For more information about Nothing to See Here:

Listen the radio play as below:

Radio Play "The Extinction of Hong Kongers" - Nothing to See Here
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