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Settle Elsewhere
By Theatre du Poulet


Concept Created by Roland Chun Shing Au & Carmen Lee

Producer / Production Manager: Carmen Lee

Associate Producer / Collaborator: Logan Robins

Director: Roland Chun Shing Au

Directing Consultant: Ann-Marie Kerr

Music Composition / Sound Designer: Ross Unger

Collaborating Performers:

Adrian Choong, Christian Ludwig Hansen, Taitania Higuchi, Mohammad Hrarb, Linda Meian, Julia Schultz

Mask Creator: Roland Chun Shing Au, Carmen Lee

Mask Painter: Christina Hemeon
Post-it Wall at The Khyber created by Kerwin Lam

Graphic Designer: Akira Arruda

Photographer: Ian Selig

Videographer: Tim Mombourquette


Settle Elsewhere is an innovative and timely new production by Theatre du Poulet.  Combining character mask, site- specific performance and documentary theatre with live music, Settle Elsewhere explores the wide scope of stories and day-to-day struggles faced by immigrants to Canada. Beginning at the historic Pier 21 Museum of Immigration, this immersive piece will take the audience on a journey to locations around Halifax, giving a glimpse into the rarely shared daily lives, stories, and experiences of those who are coping with the heartache of leaving home and the challenges of settling elsewhere.



Did you fall in love with Settle Elsewhere? Do you run a theatre company/festival/event? Do you know someone who does? Theatre du Poulet’s Settle Elsewhere are available for touring! We are also currently in the process of creating a ‘staged version’ of Settle Elsewhere to provide an opportunity to choose between a more traditional and intimate venue or an adventure spanning your own city.

For inquiries, rates, or more information please contact us at

Trailer - Settle Elsewhere

Trailer - Settle Elsewhere


" Thank you to Theatre du Poulet for such an amazing and thought provoking show. It must have been a challenge organizing all the moving pieces. We will be talking about it for a long to me - I feel very lucky that I got to see it! "

“ After tonight, I have to give a HUGE shout out to Settle Elsewhere, which plays through the rest of this week. It's stunning, and beautiful, and real. The storytelling is simple, but profound. The logistics seem effortless, but must be German-watch-maker precise. In a world where the word "immigrant" so often gets used to de-humanize people, "Settle Elsewhere" brings the immigrant experience to life in an elegant, gentle and profoundly human way. Easily one of the best things I've seen this year. "

“ I also wanted to say I felt a lot of emotion when I watched Settle Elsewhere yesterday, especially the part where the character brought the backpack out to the other character who received bad news, as well as the part where a character was celebrating Christmas away from home, it was so relatable and powerful. "

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