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The Extinction of Hong Kongers 
By Theatre du Poulet



2018 : Acadia University (Wolfville, NS)

2018 : Halifax Fringe Festival (Halifax, NS)

* The Extinction of Hong Kongers won "The Best Newcomer Award"

2018 : Summerworks Festival (Toronto, ON)

* Theatre du Poulet won "The Theatre Centre Emerging Artist Award" 

2018 : Residency in Ross Creek Centre for the Arts (Canning, NS)

2017 : Live-in Festival of Da Po Po Theatre (Halifax, NS)


Created by Carmen Lee, Chun Shing Roland Au, Santayana Li
Written by Chun Shing Roland Au, Santayana Li
Directed by Chun Shing Roland Au, Santayana Li
Performed by Chun Shing Roland Au, Santayana Li
Music Composed and Performed by Ross Unger
Lighting Design by Carmen Lee
Set and Costume Design by Carmen Lee, Chun Shing Roland Au, Santayana Li
Stage Managed by Carmen Lee
Produced by Carmen Lee

Photo by Dahlia Katz


It is 2017, 20 years after the UK handed Hong Kong sovereignty over to China. In a long-lasting see-saw battle between Hong Kong's democrats and communist China, Hong Kong's local culture is being slowly eroded day by day. Theatre du Poulet re-creates the historical city of Hong Kong in miniature, using puppets made of recycled materials to show you how Hong Kong will be threatened, destroyed, and finally, extinct.



The Extinction of Hong Kongers represents an unique style of puppetry and storytelling that is crafted to combine 3 languages (English, Cantonese & Mandarin).


The show provides education value and a cultured perspective to anyone with a passion for history, languages and theatre.

Our shows are available to tour in schools, community events, organizations, festivals both nationally and internationally.


For information about our show including tour technical riders, availabilities, residencies and fees, email Carmen at

The Extinction of Hong Kongers - Trailer

The Extinction of Hong Kongers - Trailer


“ The Extinction of Hong Kongers is an incredibly eye-opening play. It uses one of the most unique sets I've ever seen and some very creative puppetry to communicate an important message about identity, nationalism, corrupt government, and sticking together through difficult situations. Everyone should see this show. "

“ I have been a puppetry artist and promotor for fifteen years, based in Toronto. I am an expert in the stunning use of cardboard, sticks and potatoes to tell stories, and the Extinction of Hong Kongers is the best work I have seen this year. This intimate and political work's use of objects and simple materials connects the audience heart and mind to themes of free speech, indoctrination, and individuals making choices in the middle of vast nations. It left me with renewed faith in the power of truth in the theater. ”

“ I was so happy to see Theatre du Poulet's recent production of the Extinction of Hong Kongers. These emerging artists have found an aesthetic viewpoint that is involving and compelling. The work is hearfelt and impeccably detailed. Experiencing the story made me think of how we who have grown up in this country love to talk of the value of artistic risk. Carmen and Roland take artistic risks but in this production they are taking real political risk as well. I hope they will be able to stay and work here, their voices and fresh point of view will be a valuable, much needed addition to the theatre ecology of our region. ”

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