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Theatre du Poulet

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Prague Quadrennial 2023 _ PQ Talk _ Scenography & Resistance in Hong Kong Water Revolution


Theatre du Poulet showcased "Be Water, My Friend" at the PQ Studio Stage during the Prague Quadrennial 2023 in June. The performances took place in Prague, Czech Republic, and were met with a sold-out response.

Carmen Lee and Chun-Shing were delighted to bring the performance back to Prague, where it created, and share it with an international audience.

Furthermore, Carmen Lee delivered a PQ Talk at the festival, focusing on the theme "Scenography & Resistance in the Hong Kong Water Revolution of 2019."


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Theatre du Poulet was founded by Carmen Lee (Executive Director) and Chun Shing Roland Au (Artistic Director) in 2016. We are both originally from Hong Kong and relocated to Nova Scotia, Canada in 2015 as our new home. After being welcomed by the theatre community here, including living and working at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, and Roland’s participation in Mermaid Theatre’s Animotion program, we are establishing our own theatre company.

Theatre du Poulet is the first theatre in Nova Scotia that is operated by two Asian immigrants. Our interests lie in connecting political and social issues with art and using puppetry and physical theatre as a language-free method to reach the widest audience.  Our format of combining puppetry and physical theatre along with social content is unique in Nova Scotia and we hope to contribute diversity and distinctive art forms to our local community.





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